The feeding of children is a topic that many parents handle, but there are never any other tips, so here I leave some for you to deal with them and the subject of food.

There are many things a parent can do to make sure they give their babies the best start to a healthy life, and to grow up as healthy children, then be healthy teens, and when they are adults, be well cared for.

Here’s what you can do to make sure your baby eats healthy:

  1. Make fun food from time to time:

If the baby develops cheerful and fun associations with meal times, he or she will be shown a greater willingness and interest in food. So, sit down to eat together as a family, this is a great idea and it is possible to achieve.

2. Reinforce your healthy food choices:

If the baby comes with an apple, you can praise and comment to tell him a little why the apple is good for him, how to eat it, that is, between meals and the ways in which you can consume juices, desserts or alone.


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3. Babies often show a preference for sweet foods:

These are easier to chew and swallow, but junk food is not very good for children so they cannot be accustomed to consuming this type of food. Meals, on the contrary, you must teach it to love the nutritional food and that they know the many ways that exist to eat it and that is attractive to them.

So it is recommended that junk food should keep it out of reach of children, if possible away from home. Remember that as you adapt your babies to healthy eating, it will be less complicated to make them fit when you are not around all day, that is when they go to school.

4. When the baby rejects something healthy that has a new and unknown taste treats as much as possible persevere, offering the baby again the food later. And you do not have to force the child to try, try the food in front of him, obviously enjoying it, the intrigue can make the baby feel the need to want to taste what you eat, thus you will open your appetite.

5. Start by offering the baby the widest variety of foods possible:

Let the baby get used to a variety of colors, smells, tastes, textures, etc. This will help the baby to deal with new issues with less suspicion and hostility.

6.Continue describing and explaining to your baby about what he or she is eating, this will help you become more aware of what you are eating.


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