7 tips for perfect hair

From today we propose to have perfect hair. Who wrote down? I imagine all of them. If we had a magic wand, it would be very easy to make our hair strong, healthy, shiny, and silky and hydrated, just like the models of advertising.

What if I told you that you do not need a magic wand to do it. You simply have to read these 7 care tips animate. These are simple tips and the results will surprise you.

 1. Brushing every day:

Do you want your hair to grow quickly? Then you should make a friend of the brush. This trick is very easy: to have healthy and beautiful hair, comb your hair at least 3 times a day, one of them before going to sleep. This stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp and contributes to healthy growth.

 2. Rinse with cold water:

The rinse must be with water moderately cold or, at most, warm. It does not mean that you have to take an ice shower; it is simply the last rinse. Hot water damages the scalp, making hair look dry and dull. The cold, instead, seals the cuticles, leaving it much brighter and silky, as it reflects better the light. And, to make matters worse, it also accelerates its growth.

7 tips for perfect hair

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 3. Do not abuse the dryer or the ironing board:

Exposure to heat can dry the hair and cause it, in the short or long term, to become dull and lifeless. That’s why it’s important not to be addicted to the dryer (a little bit is not denied to anyone). Ideally, dry it with cold or warm air and in small sections for a short time. That is, do not point the dryer firmly on a single lock and do not move it. Try to use dryers with ion technology as they produce less damage.

The same thing happens with the plates: do not use them every day and try to make the temperature moderate or you could burn (literally) the hair fiber. Before exposing your hair to heat, do not forget to protect it with some serum.

 4. Lay off the knots:

How annoying are the knots! Not only do they make our hair look untidy, they also make any hairstyle impossible. A trick to easily unravel. After bathing, put some cream to comb and disarm the knots with your fingers to avoid the break.

 5. Cut the tips every so often:

Cutting the ends will not make your hair grow faster. It’s a myth. Anyway, you need to do it to grow healthy, and look more cute and taken care of.

But if your thing is not to go through the hairdresser, maybe you should try some special treatment product to make your tips always look beautiful.

7 tips for perfect hair

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 6. Take care of your hair from external agents:

If possible, do not abuse the tinctures or treatments with chemicals, and opt for some of good quality.

On the other hand, you should also protect your hair from chlorine in the pool and the sun on the beach. A swimming cap or hat could be your great allies.

 7. Followed a balanced diet:

To finish the list, it is important that you consider a tip that does not have much to do, or at least not directly, with aesthetic care. However, it is as or more important than them. To have perfect hair, you have to start with the basics: follow a healthy diet. We should eat lots of vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts, dairy products and drink plenty of water.

A healthy diet gives us all the nutrients we need to be good, inside and out.

7 tips for perfect hair

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