10 Tips for Preparing Healthy Food 

Preparing healthy food is very simple; you just have to implement some tips like the exchange of some food, to avoid the intake of saturated fats or many carbohydrates, which are what cause you to gain weight.

Some tips are given below:

  1. Exchange the sour cream for yogurt: With this measure, you double the intake of calcium, reduce the saturated fat and offer a better texture to your dishes.
  2. Say goodbye to butter: Remove this food from your refrigerator and prepare your healthy food with canola or olive oil. In addition, you will strengthen your cardiovascular system.
  3. Choose lean meats: This will reduce your intake of fat and your metabolism will work better.
  4. Add species: There are many natural foods that complement the taste of your healthy food like vinegar, oregano, herbs of smell, pepper, lemon, rosemary, capers, and olives.
  5. Refrigerate and degrease: Prepare your food the day before and refrigerate, so it will be easier to remove the solidified fat.

    10 Tips for Preparing Healthy Food 

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  6. Remove the skin: This part of the chicken is the one that contains more cholesterol, so eliminate it before cooking.
  7. Removes yolks: Replace one egg yolk for two clearings, to reduce the amount of cholesterol.
  8. Use skim products: Change whole milk products for skim and light version.
  9. Forget the breading: Roast foods have better flavor and are healthier than breaded or floured.
  10. Use many colors: When preparing salads includes different combinations and colors, to ensure the intake of different nutrients.

With these practical tips, it will not be difficult for you to change the way you prepare healthy food. In addition, enjoy the time you take to cook, remember that a new study found that people who cook up to five times a week were 47% more likely to live 10 years longer.

10 Tips for Preparing Healthy Food 

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