Tips to start exercising wisely

Both to prevent injuries and to prevent the occurrence of spurs, it is essential that we perform stretching before and after training. This way we will gain elasticity and reduce the risk of contractures.

Many times you have wanted to start exercising in earnest but until now you have not really proposed it. However, since you are going to make an effort to be better, we recommend that you first read this article.

With these tips, you will get the most out of the exercise you do, and from the first days notice the great benefits that it brings you.

Do it gradually:

We do not just want to start exercising; we also want to maintain that long-term willpower. For this, we should not be radical, otherwise, we risk the same thing happens to us as with diets: Let us get tired and give us a rebound effect.

Start small and do not set too strong goals: Increase the time and intensity with the passage of weeks and months, and do not forget to reward yourself in a healthy way every time you pass a stage.

We propose to make a calendar and mark you a real evolution of the exercise you want to do.

Let it not be a suffering.

Exercise has to be an effort, but it should not be a pain. The brain must be given positive and satisfying orders, not thoughts of negativity.

That is why it is very important that you choose, as much as possible, exercises that you like or that give you positive emotions. There are those who do it by targeting classes they like or with friends, putting on music or doing outdoor exercises.

Tips to start exercising wisely

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Do not forget to stretch before and after:

The most neglected part of the exercise is usually stretching, which we should always do before and after exercise. During the exertion, we submit to the body in an effort that contracts and, in order that we can really obtain results, we must stretch to prevent injuries and gain elasticity. In this way, we will not only expend energy, but our position will improve and contractures will disappear.

Drink water:

Water not only quenches our thirst. If we sweat and do not drink enough, we run the risk of dehydration and demineralization, which will mainly affect a lack of energy, among other consequences.

Always carry the bottle with you. You can even prepare your isotonic drink, adding lemon juice, a pinch of sea salt and honey.

Note the breath:

When we make important efforts, we often forget the most important thing, which is precisely the breath. If we do not breathe properly we will tire, it will cost us much more and we will not recover so quickly.

As the exercise is more intense, always remember to inspire and draw the air following the movement. You will notice a great difference.

Tips to start exercising wisely

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Watch the bad postures:

By making efforts we also tend to focus our attention on something and forget about the rest of the body. If we have a good monitor or coach, he will correct or remind us of the proper posture for that exercise.

If at the end of the exercise we are tired or, later, we have stripes that are completely normal. What is not so normal is that we have concrete pains or even contractures.

Do not discard the massages:

The first few weeks your body will gradually adapt to the new rhythm and, surely, you will have discomfort or you will feel very tired. You can reward the effort with some session of massage, physiotherapy, osteopathy, etc. Look for a good professional and let your body also learn to relax.

Eat protein:

Protein is essential in our diet, but if we are going to increase the physical effort, we should take it especially into account. Protein, which we not only get from the flesh, will help you to tone and muscle more easily.

Tips to start exercising wisely

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