10 strange and useful natural beauty tricks

Surely you once heard your grandmother say there was no better product for a hair of envy than mayonnaise.

And so, an endless number of natural remedies that either seemed the most disgusting, or we simply doubted its efficiency. However, you will be surprised to know they were right.

Some foods and natural ingredients found in our kitchen may be the allies we’ve been looking for these beauty problems: eliminate frizz, strengthen our nails or even get rid of that annoying barrito.

After you try these natural tricks, you will definitely become a fan.

 To strengthen nails garlic:

Many enamels already contain an extract of this ingredient as a strengthening element. To create it yourself, grind a clove of garlic powder and add it to your transparent enamel. You will see that in a few days fragile nails will be a thing of the past.

10 strange and useful natural beauty tricks

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Hair Masks:

If there are three natural ingredients that will transform your hair from dry and lifeless to a catwalk, these are mayonnaise, egg and olive oil.

You can apply and rinse each ingredient or put together and make a mask. Two tablespoons of mayonnaise, two egg whites and a tablespoon of oil will be the solution.

A stream of cold water:

We know there is nothing like a good hot bath, but this can affect the elasticity of your skin more than you imagine.

With the telephone of the sprinkler directs cold water (not freeze) to these areas by 5 minutes. You will notice the difference.

For swelling, cucumber or potato:

Both cucumber and potato have anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. Cut any of the two into slices and apply to the affected area, such as dark circles or redness around the eyes.

Against dark circles, two cold spoons:

Applying a little cold in inflamed areas is a surefire beauty trick.

If you were crying or waking up as if you had had the unveiling of life, put two spoons in the refrigerator and let them cool for 15 minutes. Remove them and place them on the affected part, resting every 20-30 seconds.

10 strange and useful natural beauty tricks

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Honey to soften the skin:

It heals the irritations and balances the pH of your face with the help of this sweet and natural elixir.

Combine 2 tablespoons of honey with an apple vinegar or lemon juice and apply it on your clean face for 20 minutes. It’s moisturizing and antibiotic properties will reduce irritations, while softening it.

For oily hair, lemon, and black tea:

Forget extra heavy and greasy hair, natural remedies like lemon and black tea, both excellent astringents, will do the work for you.

Mix juice of half a lemon and a half cup of black tea and rinse your hair with the mixture. Leave for 1-3 minutes and remove with warm water.

Coriander leaves for bad breath:

The antibacterial properties of this herb are well known. Not for nothing in restaurants is usually served a leaf along with food.

If you are desperate to eliminate bad breath in a natural way, for 5 minutes and you will notice the difference. The same thing works with mint leaves.

Toothpaste on buds:

This myth is a reality, toothpaste does eliminate acne outbreaks.

Of course, do not abuse this trick; just use it when you need to remove the granites from one day to another. Place a drop of paste on the affected area and let it dry overnight.

The baking powder as self-tanning remover:

As strange as it sounds, this dust can work wonders for bronzer errors.

The trick is to put three tablespoons into a cup of water and create a mixture thick enough to place and massage into the lines you want to remove.

10 strange and useful natural beauty tricks

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