7 beauty tips with natural remedies

For decades, there has been a number of beauty rituals aimed at improving the appearance and raising the self-esteem of women around the world.

From the time of Cleopatra natural remedies, such as milk, are used to hydrate the skin or shells of mother-of-pearl to clarify it. At present, some of these components are used in the manufacture of cosmetic products that are sold in the market, to treat various physical problems such as hair loss, dry skin, spots on the face, sunburn, between others.

For that reason, here we give you 7 beauty tips to eliminate the imperfections of your body:

Turmeric: It is an herb with anti-inflammatory properties and is used as an antiseptic. In India, it is a tradition to exfoliate the bodies of the future spouses with a mask of this plant with chickpea flour.

7 beauty tips with natural remedies

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Papaya cream or ointment: Helps relieve the discomfort caused by sunburn, rash and insect stings; it is also a good moisturizer for dry skin and lips.

Shea Butter: It has moisturizing properties; protects the skin against free radicals and prevents wrinkles. It is recommended that pregnant women apply this type of cream to avoid stretch marks.

Argan Oil: It is known in Africa as a miracle of nature. It is rich in vitamin E and other fatty acids; has anti-aging properties and is excellent for combating acne and wrinkles.

Monoi oil: This is an infusion of gardenias and coconut oil. It is used by women in Tahiti to protect their hair and skin. In addition, it is an emollient and a natural perfume.

Camellia Seed Oil: It is an antioxidant that nourishes and hydrates the skin; is ideal for burns, stretch marks and for strengthening nails. It is rich in vitamin E and oleic acid.

Avocado: With its high fat and vitamin E content, it nourishes skin and hair. The slightly grainy texture of the inside of the avocado peel is exfoliating.

7 beauty tips with natural remedies

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