24 hours of healthy food

We offer you an alternative to lead a healthy lifestyle and get slim:

7:30 a.m. drink a glass of water. In the morning we get up with a doughy mouth and want to brush our teeth right away. Think that you have between 6 and 8 hours of sleep without drinking fluids. To help purge the body, nothing better than drinking a glass of water fasting will help eliminate toxins accumulated at night.

7:35 am Breathe. Just wake up practicing abdominal breathing exercises and yoga moves to start the day. Complete breathing causes increased caloric expenditure because it requires movement of the abdominal and thoracic muscles. This small extra expense supposes nothing in isolation but repeated in each breath throughout the day, makes you “burn” between 5 and 10 extra calories, with each breath.

7:40 am Run fasting. When there is nothing in the stomach, the muscles should use reserve fat for energy. One way to increase the fat burning is to run fast, when the day before you have run late in the afternoon, eating lightly a few pieces of fruit or vegetables to steam. This ensures that muscle glycogen has been spent at night, and it only remains to resort to the mobilization of fats for muscles to function.

24 hours of healthy food

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8:00 am Breakfast to lose weight. The complete breakfast is one of the most important points in the fight against kilos. Do not even think about going out without breakfast. In volunteer studies, it has been seen that people who skip breakfast have more weight problems and eat more fat-rich foods throughout the day. Although in our country it is difficult to get a few extra minutes each morning to sit at the table and have a good breakfast, it is just a matter of habit, as soon as you start a week, your body gets accustomed and the day you go running without breakfast, you feel a fierce hunger that tells you that the body needs the energy to start the day.




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