Twelve keys to protect your skin from the sun

It is not necessary to be meager in the amount of sun cream that we must use for a correct protection.There is no need to be meager in the amount of sun cream that we should use for proper protection – Fotolia.

In the thing, in pools, rivers … or with a simple walk. In summer the enemy is the sun. Avoiding your setbacks is easy if you follow some tips. This time Pilar Pérez, a professor at the International University of La Rioja, offers the keys to minimize the risks that sun exposure brings.

  1. Before sunbathing, the use of products containing alcohol and perfumes, such as colonies or deodorants, should be avoided as they may give rise to dark patches on the skin.
  2. The skin should be properly moisturized, clean and without makeup.
  3. Choose a cream of sun protection to la FPS 30 or very high PFS 50+ and with the physical filter for children under 2 years and chemical for the rest of the population.
  4. This product should be applied about 30 minutes before sun exposure, which is the time it takes the skin to absorb it, here the skin must be dry.

    Twelve keys to protect your skin from the sun

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  5. Repeat the application always after bathing or excessive sweating.
  6. Often we put an insufficient amount of sun cream and to compensate we must apply it and, after half an hour, repeat this gesture.
  7. The first exposures to the sun should be progressive in doses of 10, 15 and 20 minutes and preferably in movement. It is not recommended more than half an hour a day.
  8. Do not use sunscreens from one year to the next, as they have been kept in overheated areas (cars, beaches …) and this can cause the filters to lose effectiveness and the protection index of the product appear lower.
  9. Extreme precautions should be taken between 12 and 16 hours when solar radiation is more aggressive, at times when sunbathing should be avoided or protection should be increased.
  10. We must also be careful to protect some areas of our body and face: the face, neck, head, neckline, and ears are areas that are more sensitive to the sun.
  11. Wear appropriate sunglasses, photo-protective pencils or lipsticks, and hats to protect the head.
  12. Ingest abundant liquid, to compensate the loss that occurs in the sun exposure.

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