5 Tips to Protect Your Skin from Extreme Sun Injury

In this article, we will discuss sun injury.

Expose yourself to the sun on the beach.Despite intense campaigns to prevent skin cancer from exposure to the sun, many people on vacation are free from all restrictions and assume the sole purpose of enjoying the weather and the beach.

There are even those who do not use sunscreen because they consider it is for children, or for those who will stay in the sand for a long time sunbathing.

To prevent injuries typical of the holiday season, or to recover if you are already a victim of them, here we share some basic tips.

5 Tips to Protect Your Skin from Extreme Sun Injury

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  1. Against dry skin:

Exposure to the sun and staying a long time in the water (sea or pool) generates a significant loss of natural skin oil.

The basic recommendation to avoid dryness that can lead to more serious injuries is to use a sponge to exfoliate during the bath at the end of the day so that you can then more easily penetrate the moisturizer that helps recover the skin.

  1. To prevent rashes:

The sweat generated by the intense heat of the beach and the activities we do generate an excess of sweat that can get trapped under the skin, causing rashes or rashes.Use a sponge to exfoliate the skin and release it from dead cells that prevent perspiration, and as soon as you notice areas affected by rashes use a cold pack for a few minutes on the affected area, followed by a moisturizing cream containing aloe Vera or calendula.

  1. Eye with irritated pores:

For those who shave in the beach season and begin to suffer irritated pores in the area of beard and whiskers, dermatologists advise avoiding the use of all types of lotions after shaving and only use an antibacterial soap. Then apply a moisturizer.

  1. How to avoid lip injuries:

No tan is worth spectacular if at the end of the day ends with a lip as a volcano about to erupt.To prevent this situation it is advisable to use a hat that protects the lips of the UV rays during the beach days. If you frequently suffer from this type of injury, some dermatologists reviewed by the British Daily Mail advised using medications such as acyclovir before having prolonged exposure to the sun.

  1. Against the sunshine:

Always use a protective or moisturizing product containing SPF (Sun Protection Factor) number 15. The SPF rating measures the effectiveness with which it will protect the skin from ultraviolet rays emanating from the sun. The higher the SPF, the more protection.

In the specialized environment, Lavozlibre.com recommends that the cream should be applied at least half an hour before sun exposure and wait for it to penetrate the skin.

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If you need any other lotions like anti mosquitoes, you should apply them later. The skin has to be free of colonies or makeup and although in some case it can be applied, it should always be done later.

Avoid intense exposure to the sun between 11 am and 3 pm. And repeat the application of the sunscreen every two hours.

But if it has already become “lobster”, evaluate what the page suggests: It is best to apply gel in the affected areas containing aloe Vera or rosehip oil to reduce pain and regenerate the skin; When you bathe, do it with cold water, the hot water will aggravate the pain; Home remedies like using compresses with vinegar also work because of their anti-inflammatory condition.

5 Tips to Protect Your Skin from Extreme Sun Injury

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It is also worth advising that even when sunscreen is used, it does not mean that you can spend all day in the open, and it is a good idea to consume lots of water during the beach days.



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