The importance of rest in the growth of children.


In this new entry, we will give you some guidelines and tips to get the baby to rest in the right way.


It is about that the rest is the adequate, without sleeping hours and hours without stopping. It is essential that the child is acquiring some sleep habits. This will be key in their development, learning and cognitive evolution. And for that we are, to teach him to do well.

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When it is born, the infant must have a sleep time of about 12 hours a day – what a pleasure. Little by little, this number of hours decreases until reaching the age of 14. However, it is always advisable to sleep over 8 hours a day. In addition, the siesta in fundamental until this age, at least the one of after the meal.

During these years and subsequent years, rest time is recommended to be around 9 hours. It is a stage where in addition to having to learn much important new knowledge, many activities are performed, and rest is fundamental to recharge batteries and start with the necessary energy the day.

Just as a person’s legs must be strong and healthy in order to be able to stand, the mattress is the surface on which children spend 40% of their daily lives. To be sure that the quality and characteristics of this should be ensured that they are appropriate.

In addition, it is important that the mattress hardness is intermediate. Not too hard to be uncomfortable, nor too soft to interfere with his posture and appear problems in the spine and hip.

The choice of a good mattress is always complicated, but you have to make a good decision, and today you can buy a mattress online high quality, advised by experts in the field, so there is no excuse.

It is necessary to adapt the time and characteristics of rest to the age and conditions of the child. The first 3 years of life the baby will sleep many hours at short intervals of time. Or older, where you need a total rest of fewer hours, but much longer.

It is important to try to create an appropriate environment that favors the process. The noise level, the temperature of the room, humidity, light, etc., are conditions for a better or worse sleep. Whenever possible, you must try to reduce the impact of negative external factors and enhance the positive ones.

You can introduce items such as crib music, place the crib in a dry and cool place, and even give a warm bath before bedtime.

To finish, one of the most important factors and that has the best results is to create a routine at the time of going to bed. Better yet if it is something fun, so that it is not perceived as something negative. Thus it is intended that the small, when the time comes, realizing it that it’s time to sleep and go to bed alone.


One possibility is that parents and children perform some enjoyable activity before going to sleep. In this way, it is possible to create a reinforcement is positive. In addition, strong bonding and memories that will remain engraved in the minds of both throughout life will be established.


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