Learn how good nutrition can improve your health.


In this article, you will know how good nutrition can improve your health.


Have you ever wondered if you are getting the right nutrients from the foods you eat? It is a common mistake to think that malnutrition means simply not having enough food. People who do not consume enough food can be malnourished, but those who consume too many are at the same risk.

Malnutrition is defined as an abnormal physiological state due to inadequate, unbalanced or excessive consumption of macronutrient and micronutrient. vegetables includes malnutrition and overfeeding as well as micronutrient deficiencies.

In other words, malnutrition occurs when a person’s diet contains too few or too many nutrients. Any of us can suffer malnutrition and not know it!

To make a healthy and balanced diet is important to make the right decisions, but often these decisions are based on factors other than nutrition: the availability and cost of food, taste and appearance, personal likes and dislikes, and cultural practices and traditions.

There is no “ideal” diet that is suitable for everyone. Nutritional needs specific to each individual, but everyone needs a balanced diet that includes varied foods that provide the different types and amounts of nutrients we need to maintain good health.

While individual nutritional and dietary needs vary with age, sex, health, status and activity levels:

Eat starchy carbohydrates as the basis of most meals

Eat fruits and vegetables as much as possible every day.

 Eat vegetables regularly.

Consume milk and dairy products regularly in small amounts.

Eat meat, chicken, eggs and fish regularly in normal amounts.

Choose carefully the type of fats and oils in the diet and use them in limited quantity.

Limited consumption of sugar and sugary foods and beverages.

Limited salt consumption.

Limited alcohol consumption.

Maintain energy balance to achieve a healthy body weight.

Drink plenty of water daily.



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