18 natural and home remedies for headache and migraine

Tension headache results from contraction of muscles in the head and neck. Other causes of a headache can be of emotional origin, hormonal changes or exhaustion. Here are 12 remedies to relieve it.

1. Remedy to relieve a headache with chamomile:

The chamomile is very good for many things, one of them, to relieve a headache. Pour 1 handful of chamomile in 1/2 liter of boiling water. Wait 10 minutes and strain. Add lemon drops before drinking.

2.  Lemon grass tea:

One of the health benefits of lemon tea is that it relieves headaches. It is prepared in infusion.

3.  Bag with ice:

This remedy is very popular and very effective to remove a headache. In a bag throw several ice cubes. Put the bag on your head, lie down and try to relax.



4.  Cold chamomile to remove a headache:

Again the chamomile, but this time in the cold. Make a chamomile tea and pour ice cubes until it is very cold. Soak a cloth on the chamomile and put it on the eyelids for 20 minutes.

5.  Massages:

There are three key points that you should massage to relieve a headache. On the eyes, at the temples and at the base of the nose.

6.  The artichoke:

If you usually suffer from a headache, a good remedy is to incorporate artichokes into your diet. The artichoke is very good to combat liver disease and often the headache has its origin in the liver.

7.  Lavender essential oil for a headache:

Give a massage with two drops of lavender oil at the base of the skull, the temples, and behind the ears. Be careful not to get into your eyes.



8.  Hydrotherapy:

Fold a wipe and immerse it in hot water, drain it. Apply it on the neck for two minutes. Repeat the procedure but with a towel dipped in cold water. Repeat for 15 minutes.



9.  Foot bath:

1 teaspoon of mustard, 1 glass of water, 2 handfuls of sea salt. Dissolve salt and mustard in hot water. Put it in a bowl and soak the feet. For best results alternate between a container with cold water and the one with hot water. Turning on circulation will relieve a headache.

10.  The remedy for a headache with peppermint:

Add three drops of mint and seven drops of lavender oil to a vaporizer or bowl with very hot water and then inhale. You can also put two wet bags of mint tea on the closed eyelids for five minutes.

11. Caffeine:

A strong cup of coffee reduces inflammation of blood vessels and therefore relieves a headache. However, if you are a regular consumer of coffee, it may not have much effect.

12.  Relieves a headache with olive oil:

Olive oil contains oleocanthal, an antioxidant they say could alleviate headache symptoms. Two teaspoons of olive oil could be all that is needed to remove that headache.




Usually, the warning that you will start a migraine or a migraine, you begin to see as a few dots of light. Then the headache and nausea begin.

Home Remedies to Relieve A migraine:

The causes of a migraine can vary: hormonal changes, taking birth control pills, skipping a meal, extreme emotions and even some foods or odors can be the cause of a migraine. The good thing is that there are home remedies to alleviate this annoying pain, here you have 6:

1.  Ginger:

Ginger can be very effective in relieving or preventing a migraine. This spice has been used for many years and in several cultures as a home remedy to relieve headaches and nausea. It is believed that its power lies in the fact that ginger acts as aspirin because it blocks the synthesis of prostaglandin, a substance that helps control inflammation in the body.

It is recommended that when the visual flashes (the aura) that is usually the sign that a migraine is about to start, take a third teaspoon of powdered ginger in a glass of water.



2.  Another home remedy for a migraine:

Fill a bag with water and ice. Lie down with the soles of your feet touching the bag with ice water and cover yourself with a sheet. Stay that way for 30 minutes to an hour.

3.  Apple vinegar to remove a migraine:

This magical liquid appears again! Taking two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar can relieve a migraine. They should be dissolved in a glass of water so that the taste is not so strong.

4.  Aromatherapy to relieve a migraine:

Aromatherapy can be good for relieving a migraine. In a small bowl of cold water, pour 5 drops of lavender essential oil. Wet a washcloth with water and put it on the neck or head.

5.  Santa Maria herb for a migraine:

Studies have shown that St. Mary’s grass, also known as feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium ) helps prevent a migraine.  This medicinal plant contains compounds called parthenolide, which help control the expansion and contraction of blood vessels in the head. When a migraine begins, the brain releases a hormone called serotonin, which contracts the blood vessels. The Santa Maria counteracts this activity by dilating the blood vessels. The herb Santa María can be obtained in tea or in tincture although it is better used to eat it fresh in salads.



6.  Watermelon peel:

Another popular remedy to remove a migraine is to put a piece of watermelon peel over the temples and leave it until the pain is removed.



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