6 remedies to relieve redness in the eyes

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, cucumber and potato are the best remedies to refresh the eyes and reduce redness.



Although redness in the eyes in most cases does not indicate an important disorder, when it occurs frequently or for no apparent reason, the ideal is to consult the doctor. For the rest of the cases below we will tell you some home remedies.

Cold Water Compressors:

This is one of the remedies par excellence to relieve irritation and redness in the eyes. To apply it you can make the compresses using two clean wipes, which you will submerge in cold water and later you will put in each eye. Another more effective option is to wrap a pair of ice cubes in the wipes and apply it to each eye.



Tea bags:

Tea bags also have a soothing action to relieve redness in the eyes. Simply dip two tea bags in cold water and apply it in each closed eye. Our suggestions: chamomile, fennel or green tea.


The potato has an action very similar to that of the cucumber when it comes to refreshing the eyes. To do this you must cut two potato slices, put them in the refrigerator and when they are very cold put them in each eye. Once they are at room temperature, replace them with others.




Cucumber is one of the best remedies to refresh the eyes and combat redness. Simply cut two slices of cucumber and place them on each eye. Remember that ideally the cucumber is very cold, so we recommend cooling it before applying it.


This vegetable also helps us fight irritation and redness in the eyes. In addition, it has a deflating action that will help reduce the swelling in the eyes. To do this, apply a compress of grated carrot in each eye. If you do not want to use the carrot as such, you can apply the compresses by dipping cotton in the juice.

Water of roses:

It has a soothing and refreshing action ideal for redness of the eyes. Simply dip a cotton in rose water and place it on closed eyelids. Leave on for 10 minutes



Tips to Reduce Eye Redness

Taking a nap: One of the causes of irritation and redness in the eyes is the lack of a restful sleep. If for some reason you could not sleep at night, try to take a nap during the day.

Avoid spending too much time in front of the screens: the use of prolonged technological devices is another cause of this problem. If you work in front of the computer or use a lot of your mobile, try to take breaks of at least 20 minutes to rest your eyes. If possible, avoid using these devices for at least 2 hours before bedtime.



Artificial Tears: If the irritation and redness is due to dryness, you can help yourself by using artificial tears to moisturize your eyes.

Avoid using makeup: If you are suffering from redness in the eyes, avoid using makeup for this area of your face, as the chemicals could make the condition worse.

Wash your hands: Before touching your eyes try to wash your hands well to remove all kinds of dirt.

Take care of other symptoms: If redness and irritation in the eyes is accompanied by other symptoms such as eye pain, sensitivity to light, swelling or blurred vision, see your doctor as it could be an infection such as conjunctivitis or blepharitis.

Do not Rub Your Eyes: When we have irritation or redness in our eyes, one of the most common mistakes is rubbing our eyes to feel a sense of relief. However, doing this will not alleviate inflammation, but could do you more harm.



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