The 8 best natural antiseptics for your skin

Our skin is the largest organ we have and it is also the one that is most exposed to a large number of factors that can alter, infect or cause different problems. Nowadays, there are many treatments that guarantee



us healthy, smooth and infection-free skin. However, home remedies remain an excellent alternative to take care of the skin and prevent many of the problems that can affect it.The skin is often exposed to many microorganisms that are present in the environment and on all surfaces. When we have small skin wounds and do not give them proper treatment, this can be the gateway for microorganisms that can subsequently cause infections both internally and externally.One of the ways to prevent infections and treat the small wounds on the skin is by using natural antiseptics, which have a powerful action to fight germs and prevent their proliferation.


To eat this highly medicinal ingredient is the best natural antiseptic we can find. Garlic can fight infections at all levels. The consumption of garlic is recommended to combat respiratory infections and is also good for treating wounds, combating fungus on nails and feet, as well as other types of skin infections.


Echinacea root is highly recommended for treating skin lesions and combating infections. One way to use it is to prepare an infusion, which is allowed to stand and applied directly to the affected area.

Honey of bees:

Honey has become popular as one of the best natural antibiotics we can find. This powerful ingredient has restorative, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that can fight infections and regenerate the skin. Often, honey is used in different beauty treatments for the skin, as it softens, prevents infections and deeply moisturizes. To take advantage of its benefits, it is recommended to make a mixture of honey and lemon, which we must apply directly on the skin lesion with a gauze.




Propolis is a resin used by bees to seal the holes in their hives and thus prevent intrusion. This substance is composed of vitamins, minerals and a large amount of bioflavonoids that make it a potent antibiotic and natural antiseptic that can cure skin wounds and to calm stomach ulcers. Currently this ingredient is still popularized as an antiseptic and source of vitamins, capable of curing skin infections, as well as different health problems.


The antiseptic power of thyme has been known since ancient times. According to the story, ancient Egypt burned thyme to purify the air and eliminate microorganisms. Currently, thyme is used to treat skin wounds, as well as infections of internal organs such as bronchi or intestines, among others. It is recommended to prepare an infusion of thyme and drink two cups a day. In case of external use, a cotton swab is dipped in the thyme infusion and applied directly on the lesion.




Like garlic, onions are also a powerful natural antiseptic capable of combating and eliminating different types of viruses, bacteria and fungi . There are several treatments for external use, which are intended to treat or prevent skin infections. For this you can roast, boil or use raw and apply directly on the wounds of the skin . At first it may generate a slight burning sensation, but the results are very effective.


Lavender is used for its delicious aroma and relaxing properties, which help in times of stress and tension. What few know is that lavender also has a high antiseptic and anti-inflammatory power that can help treat skin infections and wounds. For this, you can use lavender essential oil or an infusion of the plant. Apply it on poultice or directly on affected skin.




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