Healthy Diet to Start 2017

It is important to make feeding changes slowly to avoid frustration.The new year has come and with it come to the good intentions and two of the most repeated purposes the first week of January: to do more sport, to lose weight and to improve the diet.


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If we focus on the latter and want to start 2017, continue and finish following a good diet we will have to start taking care of both the type of food we consume and quantity. Eating well means, according to experts, that our diet includes at least 90 percent healthy food. That is, as Marta Gámez, technical director of the NC Health Group, points out, we have to follow a pattern of Mediterranean diet. “If the diet is based on foods of plant origin we will guarantee that there is a contribution of fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that play a very important role in our health. In addition, foods of plant origin should also be our main source of protein, “recommends Gámez.”If we base our contribution of proteins solely on the food of animal origin, apart from that it is unsustainable in environmental terms; it would imply an excessive consumption of cholesterol, nitrates, deficits of fiber, etc.”

Regarding the amount of food we should eat, the expert indicates that it should be moderate as a whole. In fact, it points out that studies on caloric restriction have shown that a frugal diet is associated with increased longevity and slowing down the aging processes.

What food should we have in the pantry and the refrigerator?

When a person makes the decision to change his way of feeding, he has to introduce the modifications gradually. Doing it right away can end the good intentions and motivation with which we undertake the quest to improve our health.

The first step to take, according to Gámez is to do a review of what we have in the pantry and the refrigerator: we must remove the less healthy foods (sugary soft drinks, sausages, shortenings, fried batter, etc.) and replace them with vegetables, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and fish.

So what foods should be included in our eating plan? Rubén Bravo, the expert in nutrition and gastronomy at the European Medical Institute of Obesity (IMEO), highlights the following as Gámez:


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Legumes and nuts

Although legumes and nuts are often excluded from diets for losing and controlling weight if consumed moderately they have health benefits.

“On the one hand nuts are foods with a high-fat content (hence their consumption should be moderate), but also an interesting source of cardio Salud able fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated) accompanied by fiber, protein and a range of minerals and Vitamins essential for our well-being. Of course, we must consume the varieties that are sold raw (without salt added or the fried varieties) “, clarifies the specialist, who also affects that legumes e one of the pillars of the Mediterranean diet.”They are ideal given their nutritional profile: almost no fat, zero cholesterol, good fiber intake, slow assimilation carbohydrates and vegetable proteins. The consumption of vegetables should be three times a week, “he adds.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are the fundamental components of every meal. For their contribution of water, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, as well as specific phytonutrient, constitute the food base of the human being.


Bravo indicates that this group of foods includes mainly cereals. In addition, recommends opting for the integral option, as it provides more fiber, vitamins, and minerals than refined.

This group includes bread, pasta, rice, pasta, etc.


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Omega 3

Gámez specifies that it can be obtained through blue fish, walnuts or flax. “Omega 3 is an essential nutrient for our well-being at many levels (neurological, cardiovascular, ocular, etc.),” he adds.

Proteins and dairy products

Regarding proteins, the IMEO spokesperson opts for those that are mainly lean, i.e. low in fat. Here we find most fish and meats like chicken or turkey.

“We must also include a quantity of dairy. And if someone is lactose intolerant you should choose the lactose-free option, “he says.


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For many people, water is no longer their beverage of choice and they have become accustomed to drinking flavored drinks. “They do not realize that these drinks have a very high caloric intake and in many cases is the precursor or great factor that is incurring in not losing weight or that their analytics is not too good even if the meals do well, Warns Bravo. The expert emphasizes that the vast majority or all of the liquids that are drunk during the day must be water. “The glass of wine for dinner or the Izumi to at breakfast have to be sporadic decisions,” he says.

We must avoid

Finally, Bravo emphasizes that it is necessary to reduce the quantity and to pass to a weekly or sporadic consumption in products such as alcohol, refined flour, the industrial bakery, all cereals that are not whole, sugary drinks or anything that contains an excess of added sugar or sugar.

“Unhealthy fats are added mainly in the form of cooking: fried, battered, mayonnaise, all this brings many calories in a small amount of food. For example, 100 grams of mayonnaise is 600-700 calories (you have to keep in mind that in general, a woman has to move in 1500 calories, “Bravo says.

For all these reasons it is as important to eat healthy foods as to cook them in options such as the iron, oven, wok or papillote.

“It’s very important how we combine food. For example, grilled calamari is about 80 calories per 100 gram and calamari battered to the Roman are 300 calories, concludes.

How many meals do we have to make per day?

Breakfast like a king; eat like a prince and dinner like a beggar. What is true in this Spanish saying? Is it better to eat 3 or 5 times a day? Most experts recommend and advocate for five meals a day. In fact, if we just opt for a quick coffee in the morning and eat twice a day it’s time to rearrange our habits.

When we eat twice a day we undergo prolonged periods of hypoglycemia, which leads to a feeling of continuous hunger, uncontrolled appetite and finally compulsive meals in which, in a short space of time, we ingest more calories than we would have if we had Made light snack foods, low glycemic index, and healthy every 4-5 hours, “says Gámez. “In addition, when we have low blood sugar levels our food choices are less healthy, and in those situations, we tend to consume dishes with a high sugar and fat load in excessive amounts.”

On the other hand, if a person is following a diet to lower or control their weight, ideally, they should make five meals a day. “Normally the reasons that a person is overweight is as a result of anxiety or because they do not carry good eating habits, that is, they choose foods that are high in calories but with few nutrients,” says Bravo.

The expert indicates that in these cases performing five meals will make the process of losing weight more bearable. “The benefits are several: the first one that we will reach the main meals with less hunger and therefore also with less anxiety; the second, (although here the scientific evidence is lighter, although many professionals agree on the same) is that the metabolism after 3-4 hours slows down. Let’s say our genes are prepared so that when there are times of food shortages, it slows metabolism and increases the ability to store fat as a source of energy. Somehow if we do not perform those five meals and spend a lot of time between one meal and another we would be making it difficult to lose weight. “

Weight Loss Tips

Finally, for those people who want to improve their diet and lose a few kilos, both give some advice. To begin with, Gámez insists that to lose weight there must be a true involvement on the part of the patient and must seek a balance in their own self-demand. “Carrying a wholesome diet is difficult, taking into account the social commitments, the difficulties of the hours, the gastronomic offer of the bars, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to make progressive transitions that do not generate traumas, prioritizing at all times the well-being and satisfaction of the patient, focusing on the obtained results and never on the mistakes made, “he adds.

On the other hand, Bravo recommends putting yourself in the hands of a specialist if the goal of weight loss exceeds 5 kilos and accompanies good nutrition with the abandonment of sedentary life. “Walking, climbing stairs or not using both the car, will not only help to lose weight, it will also influence the prevention of diseases that appear with age, such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension or cardiovascular problems, among others,” says.

The last advice given by the IMEO spokesperson is to seek allies within the family or at work to change the habits. This way when you start to weaken the others will help you stay firm in your goals.



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