The 3 Best Medical Products for a Healthy Life

This article focuses on some of the most useful gadgets out there that can be used to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. These devices are much more exciting than the step counter that you can buy for a few bucks.

Medical Product

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The 3 Best Medical Products for a Healthy Life

These days, if doctors or other health professionals are not incorporating smartphones or other health devices into their practices, they are losing the trend in modern medicine. These accessories make the medicine more understandable to our patients and also probably more in line with their treatment regimen. In a society where life expectancy has declined for the first time in more than two decades, it is critical that physicians understand the trend in society and use gadgets and accessories that best resonate with today’s population. Here are 3 medical and beauty products that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Medical Product

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Number 1: Polar Watch

This watch is definitely not your basic step-counter. As a personal user myself, I can attest that this is one of the biggest purchases I have made and worth every penny. This watch is amazing and is able to provide a complete breakdown not only of your steps and calorie consumption but also can keep track of your average pace on jogging, cycling tours and even laps around the pool. It is waterproof and resistant to damage even in contact sports. A user can enter up to 10 sports profiles that can be exchanged at any time during the load. In the Polar M400 watch I use, a user is able to preset that useful parameter that can motivate them to push harder or work longer. The distance traveled, the average speed, the fastest speed, and the divisions are just some of the many parameters that the user can monitor during the exercises. The watch also has an “activity target” that is generated based on a user’s individual goals and activity level, an alarm will sound if a user is sedentary for more than 2 hours at a time. This encourages users to be more active and reminds them that even a simple walk through the office during the workday can lead to weight loss and improve health if you become habituated in your daily routine.

This watch is one of the many that Polar offers in its product line and there is an affordable version for all users. A basic model can be purchased from most outlets for around $ 60 with the most advanced about $ 600 available only at specialty stores. With the purchase, a user can download a computer application that synchronizes all previous exercises to monitor activity patterns and allows users to interact with an online community to recommend exercise programs. This is not only a valuable feature for the user but also for doctors or trainers to ensure that patients are consistent with exercise regimes established to help them lose weight. A user can also download a personal training program for free which can help with the complex training of marathons, triathlons and death race.

The only negative thing about this device is that the heart rate belt is sold separately. Although a user can exercise without this additional purchase, the monitor will provide a much more accurate indication of calorie consumption and activity. I have encountered some problems during weight lifting or cardio exercises in the gym where the device does not consider that activity. It is a very successful motivation factor to get a user to achieve the activity goal every day but needs some adjustments to be perfect.

Medical Product

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Number 2: Zero Omron Wristband

A product introduced into the market space in 2016, Omron has addressed a need that is always present worldwide, monitoring hypertension. According to the CDC, 29% of Americans suffer from high blood pressure with an expected increase in trend as the level of obesity increases in the population. Omron provides an interesting solution for monitoring blood pressure. Omron records blood pressure measurements consistently throughout the day allowing physicians to have data points to monitor blood pressure fluctuations. What is appealing to this device is that users can synchronize it with their smartphones and their computers to generate a database of their measurements. Several products in this line are equipped with sensors that create alarms when a patient is not in an adequate range of blood pressure values. This may remind patients to take their next B-blocker / ACEi combo to make it easier to regulate their pressures and also help the doctor see if the levels fluctuate too drastically in the mornings or evenings to adjust medication doses.

Unfortunately, this device also has some drawbacks. Despite being touted as the No. 1 blood pressure monitoring device in the United States, Omron products have a similar problem that most other home blood pressure monitors have. The user should place his or her arm at the level of the heart to make sure the blood pressure is accurate. The built-in sensors in the device attempt to alleviate this deficit by indicating when the device is in the proper location. This is a useful feature and makes the learning curve fairly fast as a new user is introduced to the new product.

Medical Product

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Number 3: The ReSound LiNX2

This is a useful gadget recently released on the market. The ReSound LiNX2 headset is an intelligent hearing aid that can be tuned through iPhones or Androids and allows users to adjust their headset volume based on their surroundings remotely. With a simple blow of the volume controller, a user can go from a noisy restaurant to an intimate conversation with loved ones in a park and not miss a syllable. This is a more refined version than other similar products on the market and allows users to have a more discreet way of adjusting their hearing aids in public. This product has been well received in its early product introduction and has marked a strong 4.4 / 5.

Some users point out some faults in the product, such as maladjusted frequencies or noises that can irritate anyone. Although these shortcomings are unfortunate, it is expected that with any new product launched in the market have some aspects that need fine tuning. Resound was quick to respond to any complaints about the product and offer assistance to any unsatisfied customer. That is a positive sign with any new product and bodes well for the future of the product, as it addresses minor problems and improves the product.



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