30 minutes of exercise each day

I repeat it over and over again on the blog. To be in good shape, experts recommend that practice 30 minutes of sport, or rather “moderate intensity exercise ” at least five times a week. We are talking about a minimum that unfortunately many people do not do. That, added to a good diet, and more generally to a good hygiene of life, allows enjoying better health.


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Examples of exercises you can do

Yes, walking can be regarded as a moderate – intensity exercise. But of course, we’re not talking about a super slow speed ride. For the exercise to count for something, you need to sweat a little. Not much just a little bit. That half hour of walking, for example, if carried out at a rate of 5 kilometers per hour, would already be considered a moderate exercise. It is clear that the intensity also depends on the personal situation of each. For someone who is not at all fit, the pace indicated above may seem excessive. For an athlete, it may seem too low. It is clear that we must adapt.

There are many pools public, and swimming is one of the least traumatic exercises there for the body because the body weight is supported by water. It is a little more complicated because you have to change before and after, and go to a site especially for it. However, once or twice a week may be a good option.


source: Google

The bike has a great advantage is that it allows combining the need to move from one point to another with the opportunity to exercise. Nowadays, one does not even have to own one, thanks to the public rental systems made available in the cities.

For those who tire of walking, and they want more intensity; take half an hour is also the good choice.

Tips for exercising

Hydration:  All sports involve energy expenditure and an expense in water. If you go swimming maybe you will not notice because you will not notice the sweating, but your body will need to replenish fluids equally. Do not neglect it.


source: Google

Not concentrate the effort: On the weekend. With the 30 minutes of sports, a day goes a little the same as with the medications. If you skip it one day it is not worth it to do a double session the next day. And even less that you do two and a half hours of sports on Saturday to cover the whole week. Regularity during the week is important.

For if, you feel bad. As soon as you feel dizzy or something is not going well, stop doing the exercise you were doing. The important thing is to get gradually in shape, do not burn stages or put health in danger.


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