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Healthy Diet to Start 2017

It is important to make feeding changes slowly to avoid frustration.The new year has come and with it come to the good intentions and two of the most repeated purposes the first week of January: to do more sport, to … Continue reading

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The 3 Best Medical Products for a Healthy Life

This article focuses on some of the most useful gadgets out there that can be used to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. These devices are much more exciting than the step counter that you can buy for a few … Continue reading

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30 minutes of exercise each day

I repeat it over and over again on the blog. To be in good shape, experts recommend that practice 30 minutes of sport, or rather “moderate intensity exercise ” at least five times a week. We are talking about a … Continue reading

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Grapefruit juice and medications can be a deadly combination

The activity of certain medications can be modified during the consumption of certain foods, there may be an increase in side effects or a decrease in the efficacy of the drug.

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